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Plan your visit

Getting to Sark

The only way to get to Sark is by boat.  There are two companies that run services; Isle of Sark Shipping from Guernsey, Manche Iles from Jersey.  Their timetables are available on their websites.  Sark Shipping run a service year round almost every day, Manche Iles only run during the summer months.

Getting up Harbour Hill

Your first challenge is to get up the Harbour Hill.  If you're fit this is a 10 minute walk, uphill all the way.  Most people opt for the transport known locally as the Toastrack, £1.50p for a seat is well worthwhile if you don't want to be out of puff when you reach the top of the island.

Getting to the Gardens

It is a 20 minute leisurely walk from the top of Harbour Hill to the Gardens.  The route is well signposted and everyone will be happy to help you if you need to ask the way.

You could hire a bicycle for the day, there are three options:

·    Avenue Cycles

·    A to B Cycles

·    Bam's Bikes

Or for the ultimate in luxury you could hire a carriage, we recommend Island of Sark Carriages 

Getting refreshments

The gardens are fortunate to have a Café and Restaurant on site.  Called Hathaway's after the late Dame Sibyl Hathaway, who was the Dame of Sark from 1927 to 1974.

Booking is essential if you wish to eat lunch or dinner you can do via email, please contact

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